Last.fm iceberg chart generator

This project was originally hosted at https://fm.dns.rxyz.rocks, my old site, but since I unpublished it a while ago that page too vanished.

When I first published it, I posted about it on Reddit, titled "While waiting for 2020's Last.year, I made an iceberg chart generator". The post reads:

For those unaware, iceberg charts are these images that summarize a specific topic, with common knowledge at the top and more obscure facts and what have you at the bottom. Like this!

This site takes your top artists, albums or tracks and generates such a chart based on their Last.fm listener count (i. e. placing more commonly known ones at the top, and more obscure ones at the bottom). For example, my top artists this month look like this.

TL;DR aka. "just give me the damn link already": here!

I can't guarantee a 100% uptime, but it should be pretty stable :)

After deleting it, I added the following:

Update (2021-03-08): I took the service down, but uploaded its source code here. Feel free to do with it whatever you want; it's under the WTFPL.

The code linked is exactly what's being run (aside from some changes to the URLs because, y'know, the hostname and paths changed). Check it out below, or open it directly!